Work Mindfully, Lead Boldly Interdisciplinary Leadership EdD (Doctor of Education)

Build Your Blueprint for Change

Dedicate your career to a more just workplace, community and society. With the Creighton University Interdisciplinary Leadership EdD (Doctor of Education) program, you will master self-reflective practices to hone your perspectives and cultivate transformative leadership skills.

Join a professional community of peers from a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences along with interdisciplinary leadership faculty. In this tightly knit cohort environment, you’ll have the resources and flexibility to discover and achieve your true potential: to apply Jesuit principles and become ethical leaders who positively impact the world.

  • Flexible for Working Professionals

    This online program is designed so you can balance your education with your professional and personal responsibilities with only one on-campus residency requirement.

  • Complete Your Dissertation in Practice

    Through program coursework, faculty guidance and support from cohort members, you can create a submission-ready dissertation built from your personal experiences and interests.

  • Successful and Supportive Faculty and Peers

    Share perspectives and gain insights alongside this program's diverse and collaborative academic unit.

  • Join a Highly Recognized Alumni Network

    With alumni across the world, making professional connections within the Creighton family is easy—no matter where life takes you.

A Doctorate Program for Compassionate Leaders

The Creighton University Interdisciplinary Leadership doctorate offers a truly unique, rigorous and high-quality online educational experience. As a research-based program, it will provide you with adaptable knowledge and skills applicable in many industries.

  • As a leader in online education, Creighton has designed the program to be as supportive and flexible as possible— with only one on-campus residency requirement.
  • The EdD program’s interdisciplinary cohort approach allows you to build relationships with faculty and fellow students that last long after the program ends, as well as connecting you to an expansive professional network through a thriving alumni community.
  • The curriculum is values-driven and socially conscious so you can lead by example throughout your career.
  • The EdD program culminates in a dissertation in practice, an opportunity for you to share your findings immediately through a submission-ready article for publication or conference.
  • Your fellow students represent a diverse community from all walks of life and all over the world, working in a wide variety of industries.
  • Our experienced faculty bring real-world knowledge with backgrounds in business, health, education, law, and the arts and sciences.

The Interdisciplinary Leadership EdD is offered primarily online with only one on-campus residency requirement. Learn more about this impressive program.

Success Story

Susan Toohey, EdD

Interdisciplinary Leadership Alumna

Susan Toohey, an experienced educator, came to the Graduate School to hone her leadership skills and bring lessons learned back to Nelson Mandela Elementary.

The impact of the EdD program for me personally was just about doing a lot more reflection and looking at where I was as leader and where I wanted to be. Then, how do we complement our style or how do we address more in a leadership position.

Susan Toohey, EdD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an EdD and what’s the difference between an EdD and a PhD in Leadership?

    The fundamental difference between these two doctorate programs all comes down to your desired outcome. A Doctor of Education program is intended for individuals who are looking to lead or manage in an organization—scholar practitioners who want to create change in their places of work or community. On the other hand, a PhD is typically for those who would like to devote their career to research or academia. You can read more about the differences here.

  • What is the value of a Jesuit education for an EdD?

    As part of a Catholic and Jesuit comprehensive university, the EdD program from Creighton is based on the belief that leadership is practiced in both obvious and subtle ways by anyone willing to help. We prepare individuals to work for and with others by fostering a rich interdisciplinary learning environment in order to embrace complexity by practicing self-reflection, openness to diversity, and the integration of Ignatian values.

    Alongside critical thinking and social science methodologies, we use innovative, leading-edge education approaches such as the emerging approach of interdisciplinary leadership, adult learning theory and dissertations in practice to prepare individuals to work across differences to address complex problems.

  • What is meant by “interdisciplinary”?

    The EdD program’s interdisciplinary approach means students are accepted from a wide variety of backgrounds. This diversity is intentional and it allows classmates and faculty to work together and exchange insights about their respective industries and broad professional experiences. While you learn, reflect and grow, you’ll discover that this diverse academic family creates a rich learning community. These relationships last long after the program ends—expanding your professional network and allowing you to reap the benefits of a thriving alumni community for many years to come.

  • What is the admissions process?

    A program admissions committee will recommend admission after weighing the application, background, interest and promise of each prospective student. Students will receive notification from Creighton University regarding final action and status of the application.

Not Just Any Graduate Degree

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